Тест: A formal letter. A letter of complaint

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Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

A formal letter of complaint is serious but can also also be...
What is a product?
Complete these greetings for when you don't know the person's name.
What is helpful to include when you are explaining the problem?
Put the parts of a letter of complaint in order.
What is a refund?
What is an exchange?
Which is not a formal sign-off?
What is a service?
What can a travel agency do?
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • My taxi driver was smoking while he was driving me to work. During ... time, I started to feel sick from the smell.
Fill in the missing word.
Fill in the missing word.
  • Someone is eating lunch at a restaurant. Read more about their problem:
  • "I found a hair in my soup! I can't eat it, but I don't want to order a replacement dish."
  • Then, fill in the missing word.
Fill in the missing word.

Описание на теста

  • A valuable online test on how to write a formal letter of complaint in English. What are some useful words and phrases you can use? How to describe the product? How to structure your complaint? How do you make it clear that you're unhappy about something - and be helpful at the same time?
  • Ценен онлайн тест за това как се пише официално писмо с оплакване на английски език. Кои са полезните думи и фрази, които можеш да използваш? Как да опишеш продукта? Как да структурираш оплакването си? Как да дадеш ясно да се разбере, че си недоволен от нещо - и в същото време да бъдеш утив?

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