Тест: A magazine article

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Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

A magazine article is usually short.
How long is a paragraph?
An introductory paragraph tells the reader what the article is about.
What is true about body paragraphs?
  • What kind of paragraph is this?
  • Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America. It has a lot traditions and activies that people of all ages enjoy. In this article, I'm going to share some of my favorite Halloween activities.
  • What kind of paragraph is this?
  • One activity I enjoy is wearing costumes. I can dress up as an animal or movie character. Some people like to dress up as ghosts or monsters.
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • One of the ... things about Halloween is the candy.
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • They say ... Halloween started from an ancient festival.
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • Did you ... that Halloween first came to the US in 1840?
Addditionally, is a good word to use when you add more information. What is another way we can say that?
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • Another ... is people love to go to haunted houses.
  • Fill in the missing word.
  • Not ... that, they enjoy getting scared!
Fill in the missing word.
Fill in the missing word.

Fill in the missing word.

Описание на теста

  • An important online test about how to write an article in English for beginners. Review what you know about how to give information about a topic. What kinds of paragraphs do we use? Click to get started.
  • Важен онлайн тест за това как се пише статия на английски език за ниво A1, Elementary. Как се дава информация по зададена тема? Как информацията се ситематизира? Какви параграфи се използват, за да се изгради текст? Провери знанията си с теста.

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