Тест: School subjects

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Въпросите, които ще видиш в теста:

My friend used to study Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin. What subject did she study?
My teacher uses а world map in his class. What subject does he teach?
In this class, students have to solve problems like this: 12 x 12 = 144. What subject is it?
What does PE stand for?
What does IT stand for?
  • Janet writes books about events that happened a long time ago.
  • What did she probably use to study?
  • Mr. Flores teaches his students all about important writers.
  • What subject does he teach?
What items could we find in an art classroom?
If you want to become an astronaut, it would be good to spend a lot of time studying...
My younger sister wants to become either a doctor or a veterinarian when she grows up. What would be a good subject for her to study?
  • In this class, students sometimes work in a lab.
  • What subject is it?
  • My niece really likes chemistry right now.
  • What are other ways to say this?
Read and match.
Read and match.
Fill in the missing words.

Описание на теста

A great online test about school subjects in English at the pre-intermediate level. Review all of the different kinds of classes you can take at school. How can you talk about your strengths and weaknesses in differnet subjects? Click to get started. Страхотен онлайн тест за училищните предмети по английски език на ниво A2, pre-intermediate. Прегледай учебната си програма и упражни как ще говориш за предметите, които имаш, само че на английски език. Как можеш да говориш за своите силни и слаби страни в различните предмети? Как да разкажеш за любимия си предмет? Направи теста и провери знанията си.

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